These are the questions that tend to come up. 

+ How do I join?

If you already know how to row, just get in touch and we'll fix a time for you to visit. Once you've been out on the water, you have a month to decide if Sons if the club for you.

+ When is the next learn to row course?

We usually run one or two each summer. Take a look at the learn to row page. If you give us your email we can let you know what's happening.

+ What are the costs?

We have the lowest unsubsidised fees on the Tideway:

  • Full membership: £350 pa
  • Under 23s: £250 pa
  • Student: £170 pa
  • Social and coxes: £50 pa
  • Single scull rack: £220 pa
  • Double scull rack: £320 pa

+ Are there any other costs?

If you start racing you'll need to be a member of British Rowing, which is a good idea anyway because it includes insurance. There are also fees for regattas and head races - usually around £15. Lockers, if you need one, are £10.

+ Can I join as a cox?

Yes, of course. We value our coxes - the fee is £50, or the same as social membership.

+ What is the training commitment?

We are not a club that 'demands' a certain level of training, although it's obvious that the harder you train, the faster you will go. The key thing for us is that each crew shares objectives and commits to them. For some that will mean Henley qualification, for others competing in local regattas, or even for fun and fitness.

+ When does training take place?

Racing crews usually go out at around 8am on weekend mornings, and on Thursday evenings. However, there's flexibility for crews to boat when it best suits them.

+ What have you got going on socially?

The club is home to both men and women so tends to be fairly sociable anyway. Thursday is a good night for meeting in the bar, and we usually have a dinner at Christmas and a barbeque in the summer. There may be other organised socials through the year such as quiz night, Burns Night and plum pudding races.

+ Can I join and row with a friend?

Probably - it helps if you are of a similar standard. There's a possibility that one of you might be selected for a particular race and not the other, but that would be true for almost any sports team.

+ What kind of equipment and boats do you have?

We have taken delivery of four new Hudsons this year - two pairs and two fours. Generally we are well supplied with boats for a relatively small club. If you are of a good standard, you can expect to row in an up to date, carbon fibre boat that's competitive at every level.

+ How does it work with the sailing club?

We share Linden House with London Corinthian Sailing Club. Many of their members are ocean racers who use Linden House as a social hub. Others race dingies from their own pontoon. Their preference is for sailing on top of the tide at weekends, around mid day, whereas must of us go out in the mornings and avoid high tide if possible. This usually works well and we don't get in each other's way.

+ Will I have to buy Sons kit?

The one item you would need is the all-in-one, because British Rowing rules require crews to compete in recognisable club kit. Other items such as splash tops and gilets are available, but not mandatory.

+ Can I join and row and a recreational basis?

Some members do row recreationally and there may be roon to join them. These crews tend to get servicable, but older boats. Generally, rowing is defined by the pursuit of speed and, as at most rowing clubs, it's the race-focussed athletes who will attract the attention of coaches.

+ Do you take juniors?

We are not currently geared up to take juniors.

+ Do you run training camps?

There's usually a training camp in the spring - sometimes separate men and women's ones.

+ Who runs the club?

The club itself is run by a committee. Some of our members also serve, with repesentatives from the sailing club, on charitable and commercial committees which run our home, Linden House.

+ Can I book Linden House for a function?

Yes, it is professionally managed, visit

+ Can I have meals at the club?

Food is usually served at the bar in Linden House, at lunchtimes on the weekends and on Thursday evenings.