One plus no one

Two single sculls wins for the club in the Bourne at Chiswick Regatta 2011

It isn't easy racing a single. The standard is usually pretty high, and there's no softening sense of collective responsibility if things go wrong. Anna's account of her races at Bourne will chime with anyone who's raced alone. Well done to her and Faith for their wins.

"Having retired from competition in 2006, owned a scull for over 3 years and been accused of being a "solar powered rower" I decided it was about time I tried to lose my novice sculling status. So I entered Borne Regatta - and even decided to double up. I started to wonder about how wise a decision this had been when I saw the draw and the fact my races were 6 hours apart. Nonetheless I had a good row in my first heat of novice sculls, with what felt like a reasonable start and ok steering. Having progressed to the final I was beaten by a young girl from Mortlake who, in all honesty, had probably been doing somewhat more training than I had and deserved her win! The success of Sons crews throughout the day made me even more determined to with the Masters A category. The weather seemed to be getting worse and worse, and my race "plan" pretty much disappeared as rough water and cross winds started emerging. However, I persisted and decided that applying my strength to the conditions was probably the only thing to do, and in the end got through the race, winning by clear water. It was great having the Sons crews cheering as I landed, and I was proud and delighted to be informed that my win meant I had gained my first sculling point and pot.